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Last day at work? Here are a few more little morsels of fun before it’s all over…

Here are a few little links of pleasure to get you through the last day (or nearly last day) at work!

I think this was absolutely amazing!
Muto, a wall painted animation by BLU >>

Online guitar hero anyone? Created by Pepsi this is just a bit of plain old fun!
Pepsi guitar hero >>

Great fun, amazing!
play auditorium >>

This one is riduculously simple and daft, but satisfying (if a little guilty ) when you slap the little fella!!
save your sensible >>

This is old but I still love it


Pomegranate’s Top 5 Virals of 2008

2008 has seen some amazing virals been broadcast through the internet, here are Pomegranate’s top five.

Number One:
Wii Fit Girl – As seen on our Pomegranate group blog back in June, the Wii Fit girl took the world by storm with accusations flying around about it’s authenticity.
See it here >>

Number Two:
What are you Zinking about? – Hilarious video poking fun at the German accent.
See it here >>

Number Three:
Wass Up Anno 2008 – Homage to the Budweiser adverts, with a sprinkling of political agenda thrown in for good measure.
See it here >>

Number Four:
Sweemo Launch – Sweemo’s CEO Jay Nguyen challenged the world to slap him in the face with a fish!
See the challenge here >> And the actual slap >>

Number Five:
Quicksilver Dynamite Surf – No waves? No problem! The Quicksilver Team have come up with an intriguing solution to the problem.
See it here >>

– And an extra one for free!
Number Six:

Eppy Post-it Note Experiments – Amazing!
See it here >>

And a couple of a great online games, just for fun:

Frozen Pole Click here >> Create your own Christmas message and send out to all your friends!

Got Milk? Click here >> This one is just really cool.

New Facebook phone hits the shelves in time for christmas

Finding it hard to drag yourself away from your PC for fear of missing out on who tagged you in an old school photograph or which of your friends is now listed as “in a relationship”? Yes you know who you are – calling all Facebook addicts!

Well fear no more! Mobile phone company 3 has just announced the launch of a brand new handset – the INQ1 (pronounced ink one) which is set to be dubbed the ‘Facebook phone’.

Whilst surfing the internet on your phone is nothing new and neither is sending mobile Facebook alerts from your handset, the INQ1 aims to fill the gap for those users who can’t afford the likes of the Apple iPhone or Blackberry Storm but still enjoy social networking, e-mail and instant messaging as well as surfing the web from their mobile.

The phone will integrate single button access to social networking with all the key features of a standard mobile phone, a clear indication of the overwhelming impact that social networking sites are having on our lives.

So, whilst bosses may have banned access to Facebook on company PC’s, the dawn of a new Facebook mobile will make tracking employees movements just that little bit more tricky. Oh how we love technology!

Facebook phone

Facebook phone

Is Bespoke Furniture the only way forward?

We are having a bit of a re-fit here at the Pomegranate HQ and started sketching out some rather ambitious plans for our new office space. After much talk we have set out the plan for the future! An office space that just says ‘Pomegranate’.

So what’s the next step I hear you ask? Well that’s the big one isn’t it! Do we go down our road of luxury indulgence and blow the big bucks? (In the current financial climate this is not really the most popular school of thinking!) Or simply take the easy way out and get a whole load of pre-pack furniture?

I’ve been doing a bit of research to see how large those big bucks could turn out to be and stumbled upon a bit of a gem, though not really office stuff but worth a look!

It’s a company called Artichoke offering ‘bespoke fitted furniture’, just the ticket you might think but they are more suited for the millionaire abode than the workplace.

Still, I wouldn’t say no to one of their bespoke kitchen cabinets or a nice big bathtub by the side of my desk!

Are You a Cyberchondriac?

I’ve no idea – what’s one of those?

A cyberchondriac is an individual who possesses unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptoms, based on the review of search results and literature they find on the internet. Well I never!

It’s actually been around since the year 2000 yet very few people actually know what it is. However, that may be set to change as, just over a week ago, Microsoft published the results of a study of health-related web searches on popular search engines.

The study suggests that self-diagnosis by search engines frequently results in searchers drawing the worst case scenario about the cause of their symptoms.

In the report performed by researchers Ryen White and Eric Horvitz, it was found that web searches for things like headaches and chest pain returned just as many, if not more, results describing serious conditions as it did minor ones, even though the more serious illnesses are less common.

For example, there were just as many results that linked headaches with brain tumours as with caffeine withdrawal, despite brain tumours being extremely rare. The researchers said that web surfers’ propensity to jump to the wrong conclusion was basic human behaviour and had been noted by scientists decades ago.

The good news is, these kinds of results will actually help the web to evolve, with web techies determined to make future searches more reliable, returning advice-based information as opposed to the mere worst case scenario.

In other words, whilst it’s reassuring to have access to so much information via the web, leave the diagnosis to the professionals – we weren’t born with a medical degree!

Have yourself a Pome-christmas!

Looking for some festive season related excitement this christmas? Look no further! Immerse yourself in festive storytelling fun! Challenge your creativity and come up with the best story on our board…

What Wii-ll they think of next?

Introducing the Wii remote as you have never seen it before! These concepts were drempt up by the people at Design Matin. I can’t wait to try my hand on the wii whisk!!

Pomegranate Blog Launched!

Pomegranate are happy to announce, as you may have noticed, we are now fully fledged members of a word press blog! Hurrah! We aim to keep our readers up to date with all the goings on in the design world, be it web, print or anything really… interior decoration anyone? Your’ll read it here first!