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Design the 2012 Olympic 50p piece…

The Royal Mint has opened up the portcullis for a competition open to all (aged over 13) to design a new 50p piece coin to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, and Paralympics, Games coming to London.

The competition is open to design a coin for each of the different sports held in the event, this will total at 27 of the 29 new designs. Winners of the competition will see their design on the backs of 50p pieces used nationwide, and will also receive a prize of £1000.

The judging panel will be made up of independent experts, and representatives of the Royal Mint, London 2012 and the International Olympic Committee.

Applicants must submit their design by 24th April.

Take a look at for more information, and get thinking! Im sure we can get the Pomegranate Logo in there somewhere!!! haha

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Is Bespoke Furniture the only way forward?

We are having a bit of a re-fit here at the Pomegranate HQ and started sketching out some rather ambitious plans for our new office space. After much talk we have set out the plan for the future! An office space that just says ‘Pomegranate’.

So what’s the next step I hear you ask? Well that’s the big one isn’t it! Do we go down our road of luxury indulgence and blow the big bucks? (In the current financial climate this is not really the most popular school of thinking!) Or simply take the easy way out and get a whole load of pre-pack furniture?

I’ve been doing a bit of research to see how large those big bucks could turn out to be and stumbled upon a bit of a gem, though not really office stuff but worth a look!

It’s a company called Artichoke offering ‘bespoke fitted furniture’, just the ticket you might think but they are more suited for the millionaire abode than the workplace.

Still, I wouldn’t say no to one of their bespoke kitchen cabinets or a nice big bathtub by the side of my desk!