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This blogging business really does pay!

Keen London blogger Paul McCrudden is cashing in on the success of internet blogging. Blogging is becoming ever more popular and is a great resource for keeping people up to date and informed with the latest news. With companies fighting each other for customers, now more than ever, any coverage and reviews they get are a big bonus.

McCruddon’s blog, Six Weeks, details the time he has spent sitting, viewing, queueing and waiting in restaurants, the Post Office, on the Victoria Line, watching TV and in sandwich shops over a six-week period.

According to his calculations, he is owed more than £6,000 for time lost. McCruddon has now written to more than 50 companies, and invoiced them for the amount of time he has spent with them.

Pret A Manger is the first company to have paid McCruddon – the sum of £62 – while the managing director of the fruit and nut stall Cranberry is now demanding McCruddon pay him for time spent reading his letter and blog.

McCruddon claims to have engineered the scheme in order to examine how he spends his life as a consumer as well as to challenge the general assumption that consumers are subservient to brands. (quoted from

So while Pret have noticed the power of letting its customers advertise the company through word of blog! And have grabbed the coverage for being the first company to appreciate its customers voice, we wait to see if any other companies jump on the bandwagon and cave in to McCruddons claims.