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Vague, cost conscious or window shopper?

87% of shoppers abandon shopping baskets, but 75% plan to return

Three quarters of consumers plan to return later to purchase items they add to a shopping basket and then abandon, according to new research from Amaze and the University of Glasgow

The researchers looked into the psychology of online shoppers and identified the personalities of three types of online shopper — vague, cost conscious and window shoppers.

42% of shoppers were labelled as ‘vague’ because they seek more information from other people before completing the purchase and stated that they ‘wanted to think about it’ or ‘consult with someone first’. Cost conscious shoppers accounted for 42% of customers and often cited ‘high postage’ costs or ‘found the item cheaper elsewhere’ as reasons why they didn’t complete the purchase.

The research found 16% of people surveyed could be labelled as window shoppers, with no intention to purchase, and claims that these customers should be discounted from online retailers’ abandonment rates.

“While techniques can be used to convince ‘vague’ and ‘cost conscious’ shoppers to buy, it doesn’t matter what retailers offer the ‘window shopper’ type of customer; they are there to browse, not spend money,” says Amaze’s Tunde Cockshott. “They experience the pleasure of shopping but without the pain of paying.”

“Retailers can stop scratching their heads trying to work out why shopping baskets are being loaded up only to be left at the checkout because there’s nothing they can do except exclude these visitors from their abandonment figures,” Cockshott added.

Shopping basket abandonment was more common for books, movies and music, but less likely around more expensive items including clothing, jewellery, electrical and computing products, the researchers found.

“Online retailers need to realise before they invest in behavioural targeting technology that the psychology of the shopper plays a key role in encouraging potential customers to complete their purchase,” says Cockshott. “Online stores could present hundreds of products that they believe their customers might like but if they’re window shopping, they’ll just walk on by, just like in the real world. While window shoppers will remain a fact of life in the real and virtual world, it’s now more important than ever that stores focus on human psychology rather than analytics if they are to get their share of the online consumer’s wallet.”


Zugara : NEW online shopping experience

Zugara launches online shopping app utilizing augmented reality and motion capture

“Here at Zugara, we’re proud to announce the launch of our newest application, The Webcam Social Shopper. Coupling the functionality of both Augmented Reality and Motion Capture, this application will allow anyone with a webcam to shop online right from within their video feed. We like to think of it as “Augmented Reality meets Utility”. This app allows you to seemingly hold articles of clothing up in front of yourself to see “how they look”. And the Motion Capture allows the app to track your movements so you can interact with the site (e.g. cycle through a product’s various colors/styles or take a picture of yourself so you can get immediate feedback from friends on Facebook) while standing several feet away from your computer’s controls. No extra downloads, no new plug-in, no consumer headache.

To see the application in action, check out our video below.

(UPDATE: If you’re having trouble accessing the embedded video – here is the direct YouTube URL)

Now that you’ve seen the application in its “Alpha State”, think about the potential an app like this has as we partner with brands to allow their consumers to do things like:

* Livestream their webcam’s feed to friends and loved ones, and get comments and feedback right next to the application in real time.
* Receive “clothing care packages” from loved ones who might be somewhere else in the country and set up times to “shop together”… online.
* Enter their measurements into the app and get a “fitted image”.
* Match entire outfits at the same time, both top and bottom.
* Shop right within a branded Facebook application.

It’s not a secret that friends/family recommendations influence a consumer’s purchase decision and beat any other “consumer touchpoint”. Now, we can help brands empower their consumers to integrate their friends and family into their online shopping process like never before. The thinking is that this application will help bridge the gap between how people like to shop offline and how they are forced to shop online, subsequently providing an enhanced interactive shopping experience for the consumer and increased sales for the brand. So, what do you think? Please, feel free to share this post with anyone and everyone, or embed the video above in your own blog. And, as always, we’d love to know your thoughts below…

About Zugara

Zugara is an interactive marketing agency with a passion for emerging media and technologies. Unlike most agencies, we don’t claim to do everything: Interactive Video, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Website & Application Development are our core competencies. Since our doors opened in 2001, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best brands such as Reebok, Sony Computer Entertainment Of America, Toyota, Activision, Jelly Belly, Casio, The Air Force, and Lexus to create strategic interactive campaigns that focus on accomplishing their business objectives. Based in Los Angeles, we’re currently in the process of expanding, and opening our second office in New York ( (”.

For more information on The Webcam Social Shopper or ZugMo Technology, please contact For all other inquiries, please contact


Do you harness the power of a good review?

Customer-written content, in the form of product reviews, community Q&A and shared stories, can both drive down search acquisition costs and improve natural search results, says Brett Hurt, founder and CEO of Bazaarvoice

In analysing online retailers with customer reviews, Bazaarvoice has found that more than 97% of the search terms used to find the review content are unique; in other words, without the user-generated content, the retailer would not have received search engine referrals for those ‘long-tail’ specific shopping terms.

The more specific, obscure terms are more valuable — though harder to pre-determine — to the retailer, and this is where customer-generated content comes into play. The more content that exists on your site about a particular product or brand, the more likely it is found by these long-tail searchers. Also, the more specific term mentioned above brings up more products that feature fresh, user-generated content. Our analysis has shown that searchers who land on Bazaarvoice-generated review landing pages use 3.5 to 4 words, while Google’s average search is 2.5 words.

Whats your view, or experience with customer reviews? Any major stats to report, what about the negatives policing etc we would love to know.

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