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Merry Christmas from Pomegranate

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
Haven’t seen our Pomegranate christmas card? view it for yourself here! >


Google Streetview in the UK

Google have recenly launched ‘Street view’ for the UK! It looks as though here in London someone, or something has been watching us for some time!  It has ‘attack of the smart cars with cameras attached’ all over it. But it is quite a thing to behold. Here you can see where we are.

Unfortunately they took the picture before we got our door vinyl up! Sorry about that!

There are people left right and center complaining about concerns over individual privacy (see article from Digital Bulletin), perhaps they have a point. But for now it is here to stay! Well I mean if you are called Christine Boring, it’s going to be hard to have anyone take you seriously on a project such as this! So get on it and look up your own house! Visit google street view here

Sweemo BBC Pitch in a lift


Sweemo is launching itself into the new heady heights of featuring on world wide news coverage! The BBC are showing a short video of representatives from 5 of the world’s hottest budding web companies. The representatives have just the time it takes to be elevated 26 floors in a lift to deliver a pitch about their company, and Sweemo are up first! Click here to see the BBC news page covering Sweemo

The hopefuls were showcasing their online innovations at a US technology festival, South By Southwest, in Austin, Texas.

Red Nose Day at Pomegranate!

Ginerger bread man with a Red Nose!

It’s Red Nose Day! And what better way to support the good cause than to make gingerbread men? One of my fellow Pomites has created these little beauties to raise money for Comic Relief (Red Nose Day).

Take a look at our website, we’ve got a Red Nose!

Do you twitter?

It’s the latest thing at the moment with many celebs professing their love for the act of twittering, including Steven Fry and Jonathan Ross, but what is it all about? We had a bit of a dabble into the medium here in the office recently. Why not get involved and follow the Pomepeople??!

Pomegranate Ripens Early in 2009!

With the New Year symbolic of fresh beginnings, Pomegranate has wasted no time in making a positive start to 2009.

Having proved ourselves as an exceptionally talented agency with a rapidly expanding client list, we are pleased to announce the appointment of a significant new team member to support our forthcoming projects – Creative Director, Jim Campbell.

With a CV including UK firms Precedent, Henrion Ludlow Schmidt and This Way Up, alongside German agency Deekling Identity & Change (part of the BBDO Group), Jim brings over 14 years of experience from a variety of high profile London and Berlin-based agencies. From managing international luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz to launching national ad campaigns for social organisations, Jim’s exceptional knowledge of the worldwide branding industry is a welcome addition to the growing Pomegranate team.

Jim’s move to Pomegranate stems from a lifelong passion to work for a dynamic and passionate design agency that is focused on being at the forefront of innovative brand communication techniques.

Speaking of what he hopes to achieve in his newly appointed role, Jim said: “Nothing major……just design-effective, client-driven, innovative, fresh and award-winning work. That’s all!”

Great to have you on board Jim!!

Working with the Beeb…

Pomegranate have successfully completed a project for the BBC called ‘Off By Heart’, working as strategic and design development with Bedroom London.

The campaign aims to promote the reading of poetry for young children. Posters will be distributed in all libraries and schools across the UK. There will be a televised competition of poetry reading in the Spring.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy new year, from all of us at Pomegranate Media. We hope 2008 was good to you and bring on the prosperous times of 2009!

Happy New Year!!!!

Last day at work? Here are a few more little morsels of fun before it’s all over…

Here are a few little links of pleasure to get you through the last day (or nearly last day) at work!

I think this was absolutely amazing!
Muto, a wall painted animation by BLU >>

Online guitar hero anyone? Created by Pepsi this is just a bit of plain old fun!
Pepsi guitar hero >>

Great fun, amazing!
play auditorium >>

This one is riduculously simple and daft, but satisfying (if a little guilty ) when you slap the little fella!!
save your sensible >>

This is old but I still love it

Is Bespoke Furniture the only way forward?

We are having a bit of a re-fit here at the Pomegranate HQ and started sketching out some rather ambitious plans for our new office space. After much talk we have set out the plan for the future! An office space that just says ‘Pomegranate’.

So what’s the next step I hear you ask? Well that’s the big one isn’t it! Do we go down our road of luxury indulgence and blow the big bucks? (In the current financial climate this is not really the most popular school of thinking!) Or simply take the easy way out and get a whole load of pre-pack furniture?

I’ve been doing a bit of research to see how large those big bucks could turn out to be and stumbled upon a bit of a gem, though not really office stuff but worth a look!

It’s a company called Artichoke offering ‘bespoke fitted furniture’, just the ticket you might think but they are more suited for the millionaire abode than the workplace.

Still, I wouldn’t say no to one of their bespoke kitchen cabinets or a nice big bathtub by the side of my desk!