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Harry Potter Twitter App

The people at Warner Bros have created something magical by combining the famous boy wizard, Harry Potter and something called social media!

Twitter users can now sign up to the new magical offering by quill and ink. Forget all those years at Hogwarts, with this nifty little app users get three options to cast spells on their unwitting followers, or ‘muggles’. The three options on offer include shrouding the follower’s Twitter page in darkness, sending a flock of birds that fly across the screen and declaring affection for a follower by sending a love potion.

A website hosting the campaign has been set up to back the launch of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which debuted in UK cinemas last week.

It also enables Twitter users to choose from a range of messages to send to followers such as, ‘I made you this love potion because I no longer want to hide my feelings for you under an invisibility cloak.’

The campaign was created by Warner Bros and aims to drum up interest in the launch of the latest film in the Harry Potter franchise.